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Jersey City is taking proactive steps to protect residents by replacing all lead service lines over the next decade through the Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority’s new Lead Free JC Program.

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Jersey City's water is safe

Jersey City’s water is tested regularly and continues to be in compliance with all state and federal lead levels. However, many older homes were built with lead pipes connecting them to the city’s water systems. That’s why the JCMUA is launching this new program to proactively remove all lead service lines, before there is any threat to residents’ health.


Lead is a national issue

Up to 10 million households in the United States have lead pipes and service lines, and there are an estimated 350,000 lead service lines in New Jersey, among the highest of any state. Local, state and federal governments throughout the country are acting now to remove lead service lines.

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What does this mean for me?

What does this mean for me?


Beginning in February 2022, all residents with known lead service lines will receive a certified letter notifying them that they currently have a lead service line that will be replaced as part of this ten year program.


Jersey City MUA expects to replace over 1,000 lead service lines per year. Properties will be prioritized based on factors including but not limited to the targeting of known lead service lines, lead service line replacement for disadvantaged consumers and populations most sensitive to the effects of lead, in accordance with federal regulations. 

All properties with known lead services lines will be automatically scheduled for replacement over the next 10 years. If you have questions or concerns, call JCMUA’s dedicated customer support line at (201) 365-6189 or email

What can I do?

Go to the Service Line Inventory Web Application and check to see if your service line material is identified. In addition, please help us to identify where the lead is by following the step by step instructions on how to identify your water service line material and report your findings to JCMUA. The step by step process is simple and takes only a few minutes.

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